Event Contract Learning Center

What is an
Event Contract?

Event contracts let you express your view on whether the price of key futures markets will move up or down by the end of each day's trading session.

You can select from the following CME event contracts, and to trade, just choose YES or NO.

Equity Indexes

  • Daily, quarterly and annual E-mini S&P Index
  • Daily, quarterly and annual E-mini Nasdaq-100 Index
  • E-mini DJIA Index
  • E-mini Russell 2000 Index

Foreign currencies

  • Euro/U.S. Dollar (EUR/USD)


  • Bitcoin


  • Light Sweet Crude Oil
  • Henry Hub Natural Gas


  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Copper
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How Do Event Contracts Work?

For each event contract you hold that expires “in the money”, in reference to the underlying futures settlement price, you receive a fixed payout of USD 100.00. Your max profit per contract is USD 100.00 minus the contract cost, fees and commissions. Event contracts are priced between USD 1.00 to USD 99.00 per contract and quoted in USD 1.00 increments.

Equities Events

Pick Your Market

Choose from event contracts in stock indexes, energy, metals, and foreign currencies.

Equities Events

Trade Yes or No

Trade YES or NO positions based on your view of whether the event will happen. The "YES" price is determined by the probability that an event will happen.

Equities Events

Generate income based on your insights

You can earn the difference between the purchase price and the closing price for each contract you own.

Example Event Contract Trade

“Will Gold close above USD 2,035.00 today?”


Gold starts trading at
USD 2,035.00


For the “Will Gold close above USD 2,035.00 today?” event contract: YES is trading at USD 19. NO is trading at USD 84.


This indicates the market is assigning a 19% probability that Gold will close above USD 2,035.00 today and an 84% probability that Gold will close below USD 2,035.00 today.


You believe Gold will close above USD 2,035.00 and decide to buy 2 YES event contracts at USD 19 per contract.


Gold closes at USD 2,085.00 so each of your YES contracts has a fixed payout of USD 100.00.


You receive USD 100.00 for each YES for a total of USD 200.00. Since you paid USD 38.00 for the 2 YES and commissions are USD 0.20 (USD 0.10 per contract) your profit on this trade is USD 161.80.

EventTrader Educational Resources

Additional information on CME Event Contracts is available from the CME Group

Visit CME Group

Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in Trading Event Contracts
at Interactive Brokers?

Already an Interactive Brokers Client?

Interactive Brokers clients can use their existing login credentials to access IBKR EventTrader.

If you already have Futures trading permission, you are permissioned for Event Contracts. If you do not have Futures trading permission but would like to trade Event Contracts:

  • Log in to Portal
  • Select User ("head/shoulders") > Settings
  • Under Trading, select Trading Permissions
  • Select Event Contracts – Request
  • Select Request Permissions
  • Read and acknowledge legal documents and disclosures
  • Select OK

Trading permissions are usually approved overnight.

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